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Why blow molding process requires the use of additives in it?


Increase agent is increased demand for composite materials in the production or processing of goods in assisted chemical processes, blow molding process that why should increase the use of agents it? Dongguan Jia Hao blow below the factory to introduce you to what effect under increasing agent in the composite data.

  1. to improve the appearance of quality
   When the complex data processing or preparation and their products, in order to improve the quality of composite materials and the appearance of products, often attend a class of composite materials can be given the appearance of the article or the light having various colors of increasing agent, a colorant such additives and lubricants.
   2. improved mechanical function
   Composite materials based on resins, in order to improve some of their mechanical features, such as tensile strength, hardness, rigidity, impact strength, etc., can be prepared in the composite data processing can be improved to increase the mechanical function of some additives. Composite materials such as epoxy resin crosslinking the matrix after curing, higher hardness, higher strength, but poor tolerance, not ideal impact function, the function to improve its impact resistance, increased resistance can increase progress agent.
  3. improved processing capabilities
  Complex data preparation and processing processes often add some thinner to improve complex data processing functions, such as advances in mobility and mold release. Diluent can decline to participate in viscosity of the resin, glue to enhance the data to improve wettability, but also easy to pass out of the resin curing process of the energy released, and the proper use of extension glue. Participate lubricant can progress lubricity between polymer molecules between the polymer and enhanced data and then to improve the workability of composite materials.
  4. stable effect
  Resin-based composite materials in the preparation, storage, processing and use of simple aging process transformation, function decreased significantly, in order to avoid or postpone aging composite materials, composite materials in the preparation, processing process would need to add a class of stable agent, also known as as antioxidant. Stable inhibition of increasing agents mainly composite materials to oxygen aging process, as a result of light and heat occurring in the preparation, processing and use.
  5. the flame effect
  Followed quickly extended composite materials in the aerospace, automotive, construction and electrical appliances such as the use of, demand for its fire-retardant features are increasingly high, the matrix resin matrix composite materials are mostly composed of hydrocarbons from organic polymers with combustible , and therefore in the process of complex information processing, the increased demand for a class of flame retardant composite data arrives certainly increased demand agents, such additives known as flame retardants.
   6, to improve the appearance of functional
   In order to avoid complex data processing and use electrostatic damage occurs during the preparation of composite materials often participate in a class of substances with the appearance of increased activity of agents to improve the appearance of functional composite materials, such additives containing antistatic agents and anti-fogging agent and so on.

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