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How extrusion blow molding machinery

   Blow molded articles 3/4 manufactured by the blow molding machinery. Forcing the material through an extrusion process or a mold to manufacture products hole. Extrusion blow molding process consists of five steps: 1 plastic parison (hollow plastic tube extrusion); 2 flap-type embryos will fit the mold is closed, clamping the mold and cut type embryos; 3 to cavity Pei blow cold wall type, and an opening during the cooling adjusted to maintain a certain pressure, the mold is opened, the part was blown write; 5 trimming burrs to be finished.
    Extrusion blow molding is a high-density polyethylene plastic raw materials, most of the milk usually have this polymer. Other polyolefins are often machined by blow. Use according to, styrene polymers, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polyurethane, polycarbonate and other thermoplastics may also be used to blow molding.
    Recent engineering plastics in the automotive industry has been widely accepted. Material selection is based on the mechanical strength, weather resistance, electrical properties, optical properties, and other performance-based.

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