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Blow metal product design and processing requirements are what?

Blow molding products mold making material must have high thermal conductivity and edge strength enough to cut blanks mouth . The current aluminum 70/ 75 is the production of high alloy used in most die . Since the good performance of the machining of metals , so the machine cutting cavities usually made . There is also a high copper alloy die heat resistance and good corrosion resistance. However , its high cost , the price is expensive , but also because three times the proportion of aluminum , may be worn on the molding machine more serious . Are easy to repair alloy die steel welding method or Mosaic law .
Than the thermal conductivity of the cutting die cast aluminum mold badly . Die cut blank cavity usually requires breaking inlaid copper alloy or stainless steel , since the strength and hardness of the aluminum can not meet the requirements of cutting blade blank port .
Blow products accounted for challenging and cooling is very important in the mold design . Drilling cooling pipes installed in most places need to be cooled . For a better control of production , most of the mold are designed in several separate cooling zone . Requires the most heat is discharged to the bottom of the neck , which requires the most effective cooling .
Cut blanks mouth . Design depth of cut blanks blow molding products mouth area could become a major factor in the yield and quality components . Cut blanks mouth area is in excess of plastic components into place when the blow . Cut blanks mouth may determine the type and shape of a part of the welding conditions .

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